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AMAZONS at the Moonspeaker

The Amazons existed. But, their history has been long lost, or else so corrupted by later peoples who would rather we forgot them they are barely recognizable. Surprisingly, the ancient Greeks are not the worst offenders. It is a common misperception that the Greeks told stories about only Amazon defeats – in fact, they preserved quite a bit of Amazon history, although in debased form. This is a version of a book in progress, so you may notice differences if you were to compare it to a printed copy, should you happen upon one or have printed sections at any time.

There are other interesting sites on Amazons, but if you don't want the usual 'they were doomed to die because they wouldn't obey the men' then you may prefer sites like The New Amazon Nation, which doesn't repeat that lie. Another site you may bump into that links back to this text is Hellenica Dictionary of Greek Mythology. It includes a great deal of material, with varying degrees of mainstream-ness. Alas, it is also quite enigmatic as there is no real information on who owns or takes care of it, so your mileage may vary – as of course it may also here!

UPDATE: I have the pleasant task of adding a proper update here at long last related to books about the Amazons. In terms of real world women, it is now, if not respectable at least acceptable to seriously study and write about Amazons in the fields of archaeology and Greek and Roman studies. Of course part of what has happened is that fashions have changed, but even more importantly archaeologists led by Jeannine Davis-Kimball have brought out the unequivocal physical evidence that tends to force a grumbling acceptance even among the most faith-based denials. Her team's data is presented in a general audience, overview form in Warrior Women: An Archaeologist's Search for History's Hidden Heroines. 2014 also saw the release of a book by Adrienne Mayor titled simply Amazons discussing the ties mainly between the archaeological data and Greek mythology. New resources related to both projects are provided in the sidebar, and I have the happy expectation of being able to add more as well as to my own project from now on.

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